With a few days left until Halloween, many of those in the Hudson Valley are still trying to figure out how to celebrate.

Since the end of September Hudson Valley residents have been talking about how and if they'll be sending their kids out Trick-or-Treating and if their home will be handing out candy.

The Center for Disease Control reported that Trick-or-Treating was a high-risk COVID-19 activity and strongly suggest people stay home this October 31st. However, local New York officials are saying to be cautious. Travel in your family bubble, wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Even Governor Andrew Cuomo said he wouldn't cancel Halloween.

Families who are planning to hand out candy are getting creative with their social distancing Trick-or-Treating ideas. A mom out in Colorado is going viral for her genius idea: "Candy Sticking."

Wendy Reeves Winter posted to Facebook about 3 weeks ago saying that she experimented with popsicle sticks and Halloween candy. As in, she taped the candy on the popsicle stick and then stuck said stick into her lawn.
Here's how Reeves Winter broke it down and how it will make a 2020 Trick-or-Treating safe:
1) You can use any kind of stick. Popsicle sticks work great if you are worried about impaling children. (yep, I got comments on that!) Plastic spoons, glow sticks, plastic straws, etc. work great too.
2) You can use regular tape and do all of the work ahead of time to affix your candy to sticks. It's a fun activity with a glass of wine and doesn't take long at all!
3) Don't put your candy out too early. Squirrels apparently love to trick or treat and will take advantage of any candy forest if left unattended for too long.
4) People have awesome ideas for Halloween and safe trick or treating, so get on board with trying something new for 2020. I'm imagining my yard as a Willy Wonka candyland, and think it will be fun to watch kids experience something new.
Reeves Winter has been featured on Good Morning America and thousands of Facebook timelines with her innovative Halloween idea.
If you don't have a big lawn you could always go the Candy Shute route that went viral towards the end of September this year.
How will you be dishing out the sweets this Halloween?

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