The giant skeletons are now out in the wild.

If you were shopping at the Home Depot last month you most likely noticed those12-foot skeletons they were selling. Over the past few months, the giant lawn decorations took the country by storm, selling out in record time and causing customers to beg their local stores to purchase the floor models.

The giant skeleton craze got so out of hand that people reportedly have driven hundreds of miles just to pick them up, causing a huge stir when driving back home with a 12-foot skeleton bungee-corded to their roof.  The $299 skeletons are in such high demand that they are currently going for over $1,500 on Ebay.

You may have been wondering who in the world would purchase such a large and expensive Halloween decoration. Well, it turns out that there are several people in the Hudson Valley who were lucky enough to grab them when they first went on sale, and the skeletons are beginning to pop up on lawns throughout the region.

Two of the 12-foot skeletons were recently spotted at the entranceway to the Headless Horseman Hayride. WPDH listener, Colleen Reilly, snapped this photo driving past the attraction in Ulster Park the other evening.

Colleen Reilly

A giant skeleton duo is now greeting visitors at the Haunted Hayride, grabbing both sides of the attraction's front gate.

The skeletons aren't only showing up at professional displays, however. A home on Violet Avenue in Hyde Park is currently being dwarfed by one of the giant decorations.

Lynn Ferris

Homeowner, Lynn Ferris, purchased the 12-foot skeleton at the end of the summer when they first went on sale. As a member of some Facebook Halloween groups, Ferris knew about the skeleton long before it was released. As a spooky decoration enthusiast, the Hyde Park resident just had to purchase the giant figure when it went on sale in August, explaining "When I saw the 12' skelly, I knew I had to have him."

Ferris previously lived on Kingston Avenue in Poughkeepsie and created elaborate displays that would draw hundreds of trick-or-treaters every Halloween. After moving to Hyde Park this year, Ferris knew that the giant skeleton would be just the thing to kick start the new display.

Lynn Ferris

More of the giant skeletons are expected to go up on laws throughout the Hudson Valley over the next week or so. If you happen to see one, you can snap a picture and send it to us through the WPDH app.

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