I can't help but shout out the Kingston Police Department and all they have done this week to help out wandering wildlife throughout Kingston. Once again on their Facebook page, they shared how a concerned citizen contacted them about an animal in distress. This time the report was for kittens in the road on Lucas Avenue.

It was about 6AM on Tuesday, June 25th that Officer Pontecorvo responded to a call that kittens were wandering around in the road on Lucas Avenue. It did not take long for the officer to establish what had been called in as cute helpless kitten in the road were actually baby skunks. Fortunately, for these little stinkers Officer Pontecorvo doesn't have a fear of wildlife.

The would-be tragedy of these little creatures started, according to the Facebook post, with their mom getting run over by a car. Thanks to a concerned citizen and help from Kingston PD and a local wildlife rehab this story ends up with a happy ending. Not only was no one involved sprayed but once they were wrangled up a local wildlife rehab agreed to care for them until they are old enough to be on their own. Fun side note apparently Officer Pontecorvo body-cam recorded her saying "trying to corral these little guys is like trying to herd cats".

Remember when your see wildlife in distress it is always wise to contact authorities. It is called "wild" life for a reason and calling trained professional is always a good plan to ensure you and


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