When was the last time that you threw an axe? Some people claim that it helps them relieve stress while others simply think it's fun. I would imagine that throwing something would produce some sort of endorphins.

Axe throwing has become increasingly popular throughout the Hudson Valley. From events, to concerts and businesses, this sport has gained its popularity. 

The first time I ever tried axe throwing was at an event hosted by the radio station. It was a beautiful summer day and everyone was in line to try their best to throw an axe. I remember one of my colleagues and I did it at the same time and it was hilarious. This was a fun thing to experience at an event.

Last year, my friends and I ended up at a sports and game bar where we decided to then again throw axes. It was a fun competition that we can't wait to do again.

However, since its a bit chilly outside there probably aren't any axe throwing events happening. Thankfully, there are a bunch of cool spots within the Hudson Valley to get your throwing on.

Not only do these establishments allow you to give it your best shot but they have other activities to take part in as well. 

Check out these top 3 indoor axe throwing places in the Hudson Valley.

District Social

Beacon, Carmel, Mount Kisco, NY


With three locations in the Hudson Valley, there's a spot for everyone to visit. Known as being the newest scene that brings entertainment to the Hudson Valley, it sounds exciting. Along with axe throwing, they have drinks, food, and games to play. This is a welcoming spot for friends and family, any age group.

Find out more about pricing, their hours and menu here.

QB Ball

14 Cottage St, Suite 4, Middletown NY 10940


When was the last time that you had "fun"? At QB Ball, there's food, drinks and activities on site. Last time I was there, I not only participated in axe throwing but also played corn hole, football bowling and win at the pool table. If there's a game on at the time, be sure to have even more fun at the bar.

Find out more about their menu, scheduling and pricing here.

Spin Bowls

Carmel, Mount Kisco, Poughkeepsie, Wappingers Falls, NY

There are four locations within the Hudson Valley. Not only would you participate in bowling but on site there is axe throwing, redemption arcade and laser tag. If you're in the mood for drinks and burgers then you'll be in the right spot. This establishment welcomes friends, family and any age.

Ten-pin bowling shot.
Tomasz Wyszoamirski

Find out more about their activities, menu and hours here.

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