The Hudson Valley is one of the best places anywhere in the world for so many things but when it comes to town names we do have some ugly ones.

After stumbling across a random post on social media that was talking about how some areas in the great state of New York have been blessed with some of the worst names anywhere in the world (Throggs Neck anyone...LOL) we thought why not try it out here in the Hudson Valley.

We fired up a random survey with fellow Hudson Valley residents and asked them a simple question, "out of all the Hudson Valley towns, what is the one Hudson Valley town that has been blessed with the ugliest sounding name?"

Before you start scrolling below to see if your town has made our list let's be clear that when and if we mention a town that you might be from, we in NO way mean that your town is UGLY by any means!! NOT UGLY!!! We are simply pointing out that the town you live in has an ugly SOUNDING name. Your town is probably gorgeous and one of the best places to live in the Hudson Valley. Make no mistake we love your town as much as you do!

That will hopefully prevent anyone from misunderstanding what we are talking about. Yes, I'm trying to limit the amount of hate mail I get over the next few days...LOL! Most of the towns that are mentioned below were submitted to us through the Wolf country app, so if we missed one, please send us a text through the app.

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