One of the Hudson Valley's favorite neighborhood bars has closed for good and now all of its items are now being auctioned off to the public.

In August of 2022 Mike Reed, the long-time owner of Noah's Ark on Mill Street in Poughkeepsie, passed away. Just two months later the bar hosted a final "farewell weekend" and shut down for good. Noah's Ark was always a place where "everybody knows your name," welcoming everyone from college kids, locals and old-timers. Now, anyone with fond memories of Noah's Ark can own a piece of their favorite bar thanks to an auction of all of Noah's Ark's inventory.

Clearing House Estate Sales is currently auctioning off the remaining contents of the bar on 135 Mill Street in Poughkeepsie. Some iconic items from Noah's Ark included in the auction are Tiffany-style lights, tables, artwork, bar fixtures, stained glass windows and even the bar's famous maiden statue that's sat on the building's exterior overlooking Mill Street for decades.

The online auction has just begun and features over 60 items that range in size from tap handles to huge architectural elements. One of the more interesting pieces is a pair of antique-painted carousel horses. Patrons of Noah's will certainly remember these art pieces which would make a really cool showplace in a home bar or entertainment space.

While bidding is already open online, interested parties are invited to see the items in person during a special preview at the bar on Friday, May 5 from 4pm to 6pm. The auction will end on Sunday evening and those who make a purchase will be responsible for picking up whatever they win themselves. Also, before you decide to plop some money down on the bar's outdoor sign or maiden statue, you should know that it's the winning bidder's responsibility to bring a ladder and whatever tools are needed to get it down themselves.

While most items only have bids of a few dollars so far, some of the more expensive antiques are already fetching higher prices. A pair of antique marble-top tables are currently over $60. Some of the older signs and artwork are also generating higher bids just a few days into the auction.

As for the maiden statue, the highest bid on Monday was up to $90, but that's expected to get even higher as the auction continues.

Those who don't have deep pockets will be happy to learn that there are still plenty of deals to be had. The antique lamps, tap handles and much of the bar's decorations are still without bidders. You can visit to see all of the items available and perhaps even make a bid yourself.

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