This was a big week for space travel. If you missed the announcement over the weekend Virgin Galactic took it's the first steps toward commercial space travel. Jeff Bezos is set to make his mark soon as well. Here in the Hudson Valley we have some space news of our own.

Yesterday the West Point Association of Graduates posted on their Facebook that a Graduate of the Class of 1989 is part of NASA SpaceX Crew-2. Astronaut and West Point Graduate Shane Kimbrough is now the Commander of the NASA SpaceX Crew-2 mission to the International Space Station.

Cindy Bush- NASA - Johnson Space

The mission according to the West Point Association of Graduates post launch this past April. There is a live link you can use to follow the mission. Recently, Astronaut Kimbrough shared at super cool picture he took of his Alma Mater from the window of the International Space Station. It is truly a rare view of West Point.

Photo credit: West Point From Space Shane Kimbrough - West Point Association of Graduates via Facebook 7-12-2021

You can follow the mission of Commander Kimbrough and his team with a NASA live stream link dedicated to Crew-2. The link gets you information about what NASA is working on plus there is information on all crew members including Commander Kimbrough. If you are a real space geek you will want to read about the crew meeting up with the rest of the residence of the International Space Station.

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