So Valentine's Day is just a few weeks, heck just days away, what are you going to get your sweetie? Candy? Card? Chocolates? Maybe this is the one where you get the jewelry?

Here are a few gifts that could either be the BEST or the WORST for the alleged love holiday:

  • A Potato. Yes, a potato. There is a company called Potato Parcel that will send your sweetheart a custom themed gift featuring, you guessed it a potato. They can even print your picture on the potato. Will this gift get your sweet potato all starched up? Or will it be a spud? Only you can decide.
  • Stuffed Animals? Are you a Pooh Bear or a Snuggle Bear? Then maybe you want to give your special person a little something to remind you of yourself? If you do keep it small. Ask yourself this question, "Do they have stuffed animals around their home, car, work?" If the answer is no! You might want to stay away from this as a gift, for any occasion.
  • Flowers? This can be a great idea and never has to be limited to just Valentines Day. Gas station flowers (flowers purchased at the quickie mart, pharmacy, convenience store, gas station are all "gas station flowers) can be ok as long as they are not wilted, broken or have been sprayed with an artificial color, or smell. It does look better on your part to have them delivered by a local florist or however those online flower companies deliver them.
  • Chocolates or candies? What do you think? For the most part, you can't go wrong with this as long as, you know if they have any allergies, ie chocolate or nuts. But make sure that they actually like what you give them. For instance, chewy coconut creams, might not be what I would enjoy, but someone else probably loves them. It is also ok, to go with a smaller size. These days, you never know if your sweetheart is watching what they are eating.
  • Dinner? Not a great cook? Don't worry. What is your favorite restaurant or a restaurant that you went to when you started dating? Call and see if they have a to-go Valentines Dinner, that you can say pay $50-$75 for and get say two entrees, one app and a dessert to split? The price might be more at the place that is special to you, but not having to cook? So worth it!
  • Is there something that the two of you have been wanting to do, but time and money has prevented it? Show them that you have started planning it and even started setting money aside to make it happen. That is really 'the thought that counts' type of gift.

One thing that you should not do, is forget that it is Valentines Day! Even if the two of you have decided that you are not going to exchange gifts, know when it is (hello Feb 14). For 2021, it is on a Sunday, the second Sunday in February.

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