Sometimes surprises are nice, right?

If you're anything like me, I only check my mail like once a week. At my apartment the mailbox is outside of my front door and I never use that door to get inside so I always forget to check it unless I'm expecting something.

So when I finally checked it over the weekend, I had like 40 pieces of mail to go through and as I was flipping though everything I stopped on a letter from the state of New York. It was in that check shaped packaging that has the rip off edges on it. You know that packing right? Fold here, fold there and tear open. Just by the shape of the letter I knew it was some sort of check or something, so my brain started racing, "why am I getting a check from New York?", "is it a new stimulus check?"

At this point I'm super excited to rip it open because whatever it is, its not something I was expecting so its found money. I bend and fold it where the instructions tell me to, so I don't rip it in the wrong places. I was opening it so slowly, it was like time slowed down...LOL. In my head I'm thinking what I could spend the found money on, new TV, new laptop, OMG I was soooo excited.

I finally get it open, and it was indeed a check, so my eyes go right the amount part of it to see it say.....$2.43....UGH! DEFLATATED!!! Two dollars and forty three cents? What the heck! In the description part of the check it said something along the lines of over payment of COVID-19 taxes or something like that. BOOOO!!!

I'd be lying to you if it didn't tell you that, YES I did open up my banking app and go through the mobile deposit steps to get my two dollars...LOL!

Anyone else get a check like this in the mail recently? Call or text us through the Wolf app and let us know.

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