A ritual that has been playing out in Hudson Valley offices for almost 3 decades has been put on paused thanks to COVID 19. This Thursday would have been National Take Your Daughter or Son to Work Day but not this year. That is unless you count that you and your kids are all working from home. In theory that would mean they are at work with you but that isn't quite was the founders of this day had in mind.

According to the National Days Calendar the fourth Thursday in April has been set aside for this tradition since founder Gloria Steinem and the MS Foundation for Women established it in 1993. In 2003 they added takes your sons to the mix and unofficially started calling it Take Our Child to Work Day.

Not everyone has always celebrated this day with joy. The concept is great, Teaching your kids about your workplace, but kids in the workplace can be a challenge. You don't always want to be at work why would they? Anyway we can't let COVID 19 ruin this event so this Thursday let your kids work with you in the home office. Maybe let them sit in on a Teams call or send an email on your laptop. They can learn about virtual work. Then like a good boss make it a half day and head to the living room for fun and a game or movie.

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