The oldest winery in America which is found right here in the Hudson Valley just received a brand-new honor from New York State.

On Tuesday, Senator James Skoufis of New York's 39th District stopped by Brotherhood winery in Washingtonville to honor America's oldest winery with New York's Historic Business Preservation Registry.

Brotherhood Winery in Washingtonville, New York Honored

James Skoufis
James Skoufis

"Couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather to celebrate the induction of Brotherhood, America's Oldest Winery into the state's new Historic Business Preservation Registry, administered by NY State Parks & Historic Sites. Special thanks and congratulations to Brotherhood President, Hernan Donoso and VP of Sales, Philip Dunsmore, along with local officials from Washingtonville," Skoufis stated.

Origin Of America's Oldest Winery Found In Orange County, New York

Brotherhood Winery, located at 100 Brotherhood Plaza Drive in Washingtonville opened in 1839.

"Located in the Heart of the Hudson Valley, NY, Brotherhood is America's Oldest Winery, established in 1839," Brotherhood, America's Oldest Winery states in the about section on Facebook.

Around 1824, John Jaques started growing native grapes in the backyard of his Washingtonville, New York home. In 1835, he made his first vineyard and started selling his grapes in New York City. In 1839, as the price of grapes started to drop, Jaques started making wine and opened up what is now called Brotherhood winery.

James Skoufis
James Skoufis

The winery has survived many wars, prohibition and multiple pandemics.

In 1893, The Brotherhood Wine Company won several awards for its wines at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, according to the winery.

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Orange County, New York Winery Receives High Honor

The honor is a new program from the New York State Parks and Historical sites that honor New York businesses that have been open for 50 years or more.

James Skoufis
James Skoufis

"The Historic Business Preservation Registry is a brand new program--separate and apart from the state and federal historic register programs--meant to honor businesses with 50 or more years of operation in their community," Skoufis added. "Brotherhood, having survived nearly two centuries of wars, pandemics, industrialization, prohibition, a fire, and more, was an obvious choice!"

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