The United States Secret Service is warning about "expert manipulators."

United States Secret Service is warning that romance scams are on the rise, yes the United States Secret Service, I was just as surprised as you to see this press release!

United States Secret Service: Avoid Romance Scams


A romance scam is when a criminal lies about their identity and feigns romantic interest to steal from victims.

These days, romance scams typically happen on your phone or computer. Scammers try to prey on vulnerable people, officials say.

These scammers create fake online profiles and attempt to build "phony emotional attachments" until a potential victim is comfortable sending them money," the Secret Service warns.


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"Victims can be both men and women. Many times, the criminal targets older people and those who may be struggling in a relationship and/or are emotionally vulnerable. Though most criminals aim for vulnerable targets, affluent and well-educated individuals have also fallen victim to these type of scams. In general, these scams have the potential to affect everyone," the Secret Service states.

Tips To Avoid Romance Scams In New York State

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Criminal Research You

Criminals do extensive research on potential victims and are "expert manipulators," officials say.

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"They are expert manipulators and use these open, personal posts against the victim, cultivating them over a long period of time. Victims feel there is a real connection, romantic interest, and become invested in the online relationship. The internet provides anonymity, allowing criminals unlimited time trolling for potential victims hoping someone will take the bait," Secret Service warns.

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