To help give his life purpose, everyday a local Korean War veteran brightens up the day of Hudson Valley commuters.

While most Hudson Valley commuters have easy access to trains, anyone who rides a train to and from work knows their commute is anything but easy. However, at the Metro North station in Brewster, a Hudson Valley man has made it his mission to put a smile every commuters face.

Almost every day for the past eight years, 84-year-old George Godfrey of Brewster greets people at the Brewster train station as they leave for work and then in the evening when they return. Godfrey, a Koren War vet and volunteer firefighter, says hello to every person that walks past him at the train station.

“Can’t start my morning without seeing George,” one commuter told CBS.

Godfrey was born and raised in Brewster. He served in Korea for 18 months, earning the Korean Service Medal with 3 Bronze stars, the Combat Infantry Badge, and the National Service Medal. He is also a 57 year member of the Brewster-Southeast Volunteer Fire Department.

Godfrey’s daily routine started after his wife died. To give his life purpose and to help with his loneliness, Godfrey befriended the Hudson Valley.

“I got a lot of nice friends, really,” Godfrey told CBS. “Rain, snow, sleet — yep, I’ll come here.”

In 2016, Godfrey was inducted into the New York State Senate Veterans’ Hall of Fame. Metro-North recently honored him with a certificate.

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