The Hudson Valley has enjoyed some 70-degree days this week, and it looks like it's going to get even warmer towards late week.

Forecasters say some of the warmest weather since late September could arrive by Thursday, giving the area an early taste of summer. But as another cold front approaches the Northeast, some meteorologists are predicting that a line of strong to severe thunderstorms could push through the Hudson Valley by late afternoon Thursday.

Record Temperatures? 

Highs Wednesday will climb into the 70s, as clouds are expected to increase by the afternoon. Hudson Valley Weather says that some storms could develop in the western parts of the Hudson Valley and Catskills later in the day. A few of these storms could even approach severe limits, though the better chance for more widespread storms will be Thursday.


When Was the Last Time it Hit 80s Degrees in the Hudson Valley?

According to the records, the last time it hit 80 degrees in Poughkeepsie, NY was September 23. Forecasts say we'll more than likely hit the 80 degree mark again by Thursday. A strong cold front, which has brought hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes to the Midwest and South this week, will approach the area by late day. And while heavy rains and strong strong winds are expected in some parts, the chance for tornadoes and large hail is minimal.

Meteorologists are also not expecting, as of now, this storm to be quite as strong as last week's cold front, which brought flooding rains to the region late Thursday. Once the front has pushed through, cooler, dryer air is forecasted to return by Friday.

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As we get into the spring and summer months, the weather starts to change across the Hudson Valley. And while the state is not always known for tornadoes, they can occur sometimes. What are the strongest and most damaging tornadoes to ever hit New York? 

And Hurricanes? 

And as the official start to hurricane season is less than two months away, what can the Hudson Valley and East Coast expect this year, according to the experts? 

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