Unfortunately, the news that Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West named their newest baby 'Chicago' is real. I get that Chicago is where Kanye grew up, but they could've picked a way cooler Hudson Valley name. These are my top 5 picks.

5. Kerhonkson

Chicago is that bad of a baby name that Kerhonkson is better. Okay maybe not that bad, but Kerhonkson is definitely funnier to say. So it defeats Chicago


I know Hudson is usually used as a boys name, but a little universality (6 syllables, wow!) can't hurt. It can be like my name, Taylor, which is for anyone. I am a big fan of the name Hudson and totally like it more than Chicago.

3. Kingston

Kingston is the name of Gwen Stefani's kid and a lot of other babies, and it's so cute! It's another gender fluid name, so it works for any baby.

2. Monroe

A totally classic name, obviously referring to Marilyn Monroe. It's a good last name and an even better first name.

1. Rochelle

This is my favorite Hudson Valley town name for a baby. Clearly, from New Rochelle, it's is a really pretty name. I actually know someone named Rochelle.