We ❤ Ellenville.

Every Monday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we break out the "Wheel O' Towns" to help us celebrate and spread some love to one Hudson Valley, greater Danbury Connecticut town. After Jess gives the wheel a spin, whatever town it lands on is officially the Wolf Hometown of the Week!! This week the wheel landed on Ellenville, so let's get to know Ellenville a little bit better.

Let's start with, YES we know that Ellenville is a village and not a town...LOL...it's located in Ulster County and WOW did we learn some really cool things about Ellenville thanks to fans of the radio show.

Hang Gliding Is Popular

We learned that Ellenville was once called one of the hang gliding capital of America. It was, and some say still is a must-visit for anyone interested in hang gliding. There are a bunch of launch locations and hang gliding instruction schools including Ellenville Flight Park.

The Rock

Kim called us to let us know about a popular rock in Ellenville that any kids that graduate from Ellenville High School know all about. Kim told us that the rock is way up on a mountain and every year seniors from Ellenville hike up (she said you need to climb up ropes to get there) and paint the rock a different color.

Cool Ice Caverns

Vinny texted us, "Good morning guys, if you’re into hiking, Ellenville is home to the ice caverns. It’s a great hike up the mountain and then you can explore the caverns safely." (The Ice Caves address is in Cragsmoor but still sounds really cool.)

Great Restaurants

Apparently, Ellenville has some great food including, Roma Time Bistro, Tony and Nick's and the one restaurant that, according to Amy in Pine Bush, has the best margaritas, Gaby's Cafe at 141 Canal St, in Ellenville.

Is there something we need to do or try if we ever find ourselves in Ellenville? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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