The Hudson Valley is filled with so many communities that work together to create a wonderful place for everyone to live. Where I live in Poughkeepsie has some unique advantages like being walking distance to the Farmer's Market that opens up each year near Vassar College.

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Just across the river is Gardiner, NY and home to the Craft Market Walk which took place last weekend. This unique event was designed and run by LACE Photo Media and cleverly placed along the Hudson Valley Rail Trail. It is a one-mile span from The Gardiner Library, right through The Main Street Gardiner's Farmer's Market Grounds, down the rail trail and to the Yard Owl Brewery with vendors and live music throughout.

There were many vendors through out the walk showcasing handmade items like soap, macrame, jams and pies even handcrafted furniture and vintage clothing. One vendor uniquely displayed their clothes in a refurbished school bus.

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More vendors, photos and event details can be found on

Family friendly events are great for parents looking for something to do with their children but when it's also a pet-friendly event more people are inclined to participate since it affords an opportunity for their furry family member to socialize.

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This event is expected to continue for years to come. Gardiner is a beautiful community and they certainly know how to host a great day for the rest of the Hudson Valley. It's towns like this that make The Hudson Valley a great place to live and raise a family.


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