It's not quite a record, but awfully close.

Nick Vegeto was fishing for striped bass in the Hudson River last month and landed a big one. According to Vegeto he caught a 58.6lb stripe bass that had a whopping 34 inch girth.

While the fish is huge, it's not quite a record. In 2014 Eric Lester of Goshen caught a 60-pound striped bass in the Hudson River in the same spot near the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, setting an all-time record.

Nick Vegeto
Nick Vegeto

There are other Hudson Valley anglers that still hold some impressive fishing records. in 2013 Richard Otty caught a record-tying white crappie while fishing at Kinderhook Lake in Columbia County. And in 2016 Patrick Hildenbrand of Germantown caught a 8 lb. 4 oz. smallmouth bass from the St. Lawrence River that tied the state record set by Andrew Kartesz back in 1995.

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