Two Hudson Valley men admitted to their roles in a local gang and selling drugs in the area.

On Wednesday in Orange County Court, 22-year-old Traquane Dolson and Mason Milligan, 19, each of Middletown, both pleaded guilty to criminal sale of a controlled substance and conspiracy in connection with their roles in the “Coke Wave” street gang.

Dolson admitted on April 17, he sold cocaine near 148 Linden Avenue in the City of Middletown. Milligan confessed he sold cocaine in the vicinity of Low Avenue and Smith Street in Middletown on Aug. 2.

Both also admitted they were part of a conspiracy to sell narcotics in Middletown and that they belonged to a group which identified itself as “Coke Wave.”

Prosecutors argued that members of “Coke Wave” attempted to be the exclusive sellers of narcotics in and around Linden Avenue and that they discouraged others from selling narcotics in that area by intimidating them and by committing violent acts.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office will recommend Dolson be sentenced to 11 years in prison and Milligan be sentenced to eight years in prison. The Court stated that it would sentence Dolson to no more than 11 years in prison and Milligan to no more than seven years in prison.

In August, 19 people allegedly associated with the Middletown-based "Coke Wave" gang were arrested and charged with crimes ranging from murder, narcotics sales and conspiracy. The effort was named “Operation Wipeout.”

Last week, three alleged members for the "Coke Wave" gang were sentenced for their roles in the shooting death of a local teen.

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