Two people died after being electrocuted working on power lines in the Hudson Valley.

The victims were private contractors for Orange and Rockland Utilities. They were electrocuted while tightening a wire at the base of a transmission pole on Mount Peter in Warwick just before noon on Monday. A fire sparked and both men were later pronounced dead on the scene, according to Eyewitness News.

"The guy wire became energized at some point for some reason, and that's in the investigation," Orange and Rockland Utilities spokesman Mike Donovan told ABC. "We don't know that reason, and I don't want to kid you to think we do. We are impounding all the equipment so that we can get a look at it and take it back and study it and see what's going on."

Investigators are looking into what energized the wires, which aren't typically electrified.

The worker's names haven't been released but they've been described as being veteran workers with years of experience, ABC reports.

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