Thanksgiving is such an incredible time of the year. It kicks off the holiday season for many, bringing friends and family together for food and festivities. Kids are playing out on the lawn, beers are on top of coasters as people are watching the football games, your cousin is blowing up in the other room claiming that someone is cheating in cards, you know how it gets. Of course; however, the main thing that brings everyone together is the food. At my house, we will put on a whole spread of dishes like a shrimp platter, green bean casserole, scalloped tomatoes, stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, and that beautiful Butterball turkey. Last year was my first time cooking the turkey, and I have to say, I did not burn it! No, it turned out well. I love to cook, so it’s great to have that knowledge and ability now. It’s nice now that many of us can open up our homes again to more people after how small many celebrations were last year.

I know some people; however, don’t have as much time or availability to do the cooking. That, or perhaps they are trying to do the holiday on a budget. Honestly, aren’t we all? If you need something to feed the whole family, or you need ideas for what to bring to your upcoming gathering, these are 10 Hudson Valley establishments that are offering quick, easy, and affordable meal deals. Let us know which meal deal is your favorite, or inform us if your preferred spot is not on this list.

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