Many Hudson Valley residents are scrambling to find a new grocery store.

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Hudson Valley Post reported back in July the Shoprite on North Plank Road in Newburgh was closing in September.

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Back in July, shoppers reported shelves already appeared bare.

The only Newburgh in Shoprite officially closed around Sept. 18.

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In late September, the Shoprite signs outside the building were removed.

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Town of Newburgh Councilman Scott Manley said he spoke with Shoprite's VP of Operations who gave him a reason for the closure.

He explained to me the reasons and they were hoping to be in a new location by now. Long story on that, they were supposed to go into the new retail project across from the mall. Many of us know the reason why that development did not make it, not going to upset people on one of the reasons, but they know. The one saving grace is no employees are losing their jobs. Shop rite is in the same boat as many other employers, they are short employees, so everyone is offered a job at their choice of Shop Rites.

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Manley adds Shoprite officials told him they are looking to build a new ShopRite in Newburgh.

They are actively looking to build new in our area, hopefully they will have a location to head to soon. But for now, we will be short one grocery store. Gave them some ideas for locations and asked them to keep in touch, also referred them to Bill Fioravanti, Orange County Economic Development

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Last month, Hudson Valley Post reported the ShopRite of Tallman on Route 59 in Rockland County will also close for good very soon.


The location has been open for 43 years.

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