Find out what makes you so annoying.

Have you ever been called annoying? I have to say I have a million times and I finally figured out what makes all of us a little annoying sometimes. It's our zodiac signs, according to the website Thought Catalog.

Yes your sign makes your annoying habits and tendencies a pre-determined thing, so now I have an excuse for my behavior. LOL.

I'm a Sagittarius and they say that I'm loud and obnoxious and I don’t know how to keep still. You’re unpredictable and your boundless energy wears other people out. You live to explore all the world has to offer, but often this translates to lack of stability and consistency in life. Sometimes you come off as a random mess. WOW! Talk about nail on the head.

Jess let us know that she is a Virgo and her sign means that you’re a know it all. You’re that annoying kid who was an overachiever and had to excel at everything. They also say that you’re too hard to please. You’re never content with anything because you’re a perfectionist.

If you are wondering what your sign says about you, here is a quick look and if you want more just click on your sign:

Aries are really full of themselves. They strongly believe they are destined for great things. You like to take charge and you can become dismissive of other people’s feelings, thoughts, and opinions.

Taurus, are notoriously known as being the most stubborn of all, they have beliefs and ideas about the world that are not changeable and have an in your face attitude. They might try to impose there ideas on other people and its uncomfortable.

Gemini's are way to chatty, they sometimes repeat the same story, over and over again, and sometimes they don’t let others get a word in. They are the worst when it comes to listening.

Cancer's are very emotional and sometimes are whiny when things don’t go their way. They often times are called crybabies and are very moody.

Leo's love being the center of attention, some word's they say that come to mind with a Leo are egotistical, self-obsessed, and arrogant.

Libra's are indecisive and codependent. As an example they say that Libra's will get into a relationship and peace out on all their friends.

Scorpio's are secretive, manipulative, and hostile. They are also very intense and way too passionate because sometimes that passion can quickly turn into anger and hostility especially when they don't get what they want.

Capricorn's sometimes come off as cold, arrogant and self-righteous. They say that some look down on others who don’t work as hard and they come off as a bit of a snob.

Aquarius's, are closed off and most people you deal with think you don't care about anything and are extremely impatient.

Pisces's are simply a hot mess especially when dealing with emotions and have a hard time keeping things in order.

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