An Airbnb listing in the Hudson Valley is giving you an opportunity to stay in a tiny glass house.

According to the online listing, the home in Ulster County was named the "World's Most Beautiful Tiny House" by Forbes magazine. Located on a 30-acre farm, the house is available for people who want to get closer to nature while still not having to rough it.

Three sides of the house are made mostly of glass, which is designed to make the small house feel much larger. The windows give a view of the apple orchards and vineyard surrounding the property. Former visitors say at night the windows practically "disappear," giving the illusion of being outdoors.

The home runs of solar power and comes equipped with free wi-fi and air conditioning.

Only two Airbnb users have left feedback on the property, but both of them were very happy with their stays. One wrote that the house was "In a word: Magical," while another compared the tiny house to "staying in a 5 star hotel and camping all at the same time."

You can check out the house's listing on Airbnb's website.

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