Dutchess Manor in Beacon was listed for sale last fall. Now, apparently you can own a piece of it.

When looking at a few local auction sites, I came across a large listing of restaurant equipment being auctioned off from a location in Beacon. It was only after speaking with a former employee of the Dutchess Manor that they confirmed that the items being auctioned off are from the historical catering hall.

To take a look at the items that are being auctioned, click here. From ovens to glasses, flatware, and even furniture. One unique thing with this auction is don't get too excited when you see all of those wine glasses going for $.30 each. In that particular case, it is 148 glasses at $0.30 each, or $44.40, plus the 15% buyers premium and sales tax, or just about $55 for the lot.

The items from this auction (according to the listing) will need to be picked up in person on Friday August 21, 2020, by appointment.

Now if you are or you know someone who is food service or catering you might want to pass this info on to them, as someone who had previously worked in restaurants, I know that you really can never have enough flatware, plates or glasses.

What do you think you will bid on? Did you ever attend or have one of your special occasions at Dutchess Manor? Are you sad that they are no longer going to be hosting those grand events?

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