Do you have dreams of purchasing a house or piece of property at auction and then fixing it up? Occasionally, there will be tax foreclosure auctions (about once a year per county in New York) and while there have been a few counties across the Hudson Valley  and New York State that have decided to not hold tax foreclosure auctions, this year 2021 a few are like Ulster County

Here is the info that you will need to know for the Ulster County Online Tax Foreclosure Auction:

Ulster County and the auction company are still taking COVID precautions, so this year the tax auction will be taking place entirely online. The bidding will begin online on June 7, 2021 and then finish with the active bidding on June 14, 2021 at 9 AM. In order to participate in the online auction, you do have to submit information to the auction company before you can be approved to bid. You will need to provide a state issued ID and a credit card.

If you have never participated in one of these tax auctions, you will want to read over some of the terms that the auction company has taken great pains to try to explain. Remember when bidding on an auction item, you will need to pay the price that the property goes for, plus additional fees, which are usually a percentage of the auction or "hammer price." For more terms, including a listing of what fees you would need to pay and when after the auction, click here for the PDF. 

To see a listing of the properties (there are 134 of them) that will be available as a part of the Ulster County, NY online tax foreclosure auction, click here. Remember that these properties are sold as is, no warranties, so you will need to do all of your fact finding, before you bid.

Beset of luck.

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