How many times did you walk through the JC Penney at the Poughkeepsie Galleria? One? Maybe one hundred? Sadly this has closed and has recently been used as a COVID-19 vaccination location for Dutchess County. 

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If you would like to bring a piece of it home, or 'home' to your business, there currently are 414 items up for auction from the store. What is available? Mostly you can find large lots of displays, but you can also get lots of those fancy chair hairdryers, containers the size of a small car full of hangers, a forklift, even this really cool conveyor belt system that is probably too dangerous to put in your basement, but so cool to just think about it. 

So, do you need a few hundred mannequins? A couple hundred thousand hangers? Or a hairdryer that your grandmother is way more familiar with than any of us? Check out the auction of their equipment.

According to the auction site, all the items are located in Poughkeepsie and the auction/bidding will end on April 21, 2021.

A few things to know about this auction (or most others), there is a 15% buyers premium. What does that mean? That means if you big on an item for $100, (or any amount, just using this for the ease of math) you will pay $115 for it, plus sales tax. So your $100 item ends up costing you about $124/125, depending on the exact sales tax rate.

You can pay for your items in cash, Mastercard, Visa or Discover, and will need to do that before you pick up your items. What I think is pretty cool is you are able to make an appointment for when it is a good time for you to pick up the items. I recently have kept from bidding on a few other auction items because of the fixed pick-up day and time.

So? What are you going to bid on? The Safe? The Mannequins? The Display Cases? The Forklift? If you bid and win one of the items, please send us a pic of you with your new treasures.

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