A woman claims she and her children ate raw chicken that was served at an award-winning Hudson Valley business.

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On Sunday at 4 p.m., a woman said on Facebook she and her two children were served raw chicken tenders at Spins Bowl in Poughkeepsie.

She says she bit into a raw chicken tender and her two children swallowed a raw chicken tender. She claims the tenders were "completely raw chicken cutlets with breading on it."

The mother shared a number of photos of the food in a Facebook post which is no longer public. You can see one photo of the chicken above.

She wondered how the food came out so quickly, "in under 10 mins," and noted an assistant manager gave her a full refund. However, she says no one from corporate was available.

"The negligence of your cooks needs to be look [SIC] into by corporate and not taken lightly because this is absolutely disgusting and dangerous to someone’s health," the woman said in her Facebook post.

Spins Bowl was recently named the best bowling alley in the Hudson Valley. The company, which has Hudson Valley locations in Poughkeepsie, Wappinger Falls, Carmel and Mount Kisco, is popular for its state of the art bowling, arcade center, laser tag arenas, craft beer and food.

Bill Diamond, a spokesperson for Spins Bowl, confirmed to Hudson Valley Post there was an issue with "too rare" chicken tenders being served to a woman in Poughkeepsie. Diamond added she was refunded, offered a replacement meal and also offered a free gift card as an apology.

"Our venues, located in 4 states, serve tens of thousands of customers and this is the only issue I have heard like this. We take pride in our staff’s training and the experience we provide our customers on a daily basis," Diamond said to Hudson Valley Post. "We apologized to the customer in question and we hope to see her family visit any one of our venues again in the near future."

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