I thought I caught the most epic spelling error on HBO Max the other day. It was just one letter away from the real Queen City.

You may start seeing Pokeepsie more and more in the next few years but what exactly is Pokeepsie and why are people talking about it right now?

In my opinion the Hudson Valley is a hidden gem. Sure, we know how great it is here but the rest of the world is really missing out. There are several references to the Hudson Valley in movies and on television. Whether it's Gene Hackman spewing the  famous line about picking your feet or The Simpson's referencing Vassar College there are a ton great pop culture moments for the Hudson Valley.

When I thought I saw one more I got really excited but it might have been all for nothing. It may have jumped the gun.

There's a new television series that just hit HBO called 30 Coins. It's a horror/ mystery pieces filmed in Spain and it's getting good reviews as it received a score of 7.2 out of 10 on IMDB.

At the end of the credits you'll see production company credited as Pokeepsie Films. At first I thought that someone might get fired over the blunder. Being from the Hudson Valley I thought that someone surely spelled Poughkeepsie wrong. I was baffled by this.


Unfortunately, this is not a reference to Poughkeepsie or the Hudson Valley. Pokeepsie Films is a production company out of Madrid Spain.

What was your favorite Hudson Valley reference in cinema?

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