This week on December 6th we will celebrate National Microwave Day. I say we but the reality is I won't actually be able to celebrate with you. See I may be the last person on the plant who doesn't own a microwave. Ok the plant might be an exaggeration but the fact is most American homes have a microwave. But truth be told microwaves are heading out. I found an online article from a few years back by a publication named Quartz. They are basically saying the appliance is trending down slowly.

I had a microwave once but when it finally died I just never replaced it. I have always enjoyed the option at work. Nothing like the afternoon microwave popcorn wafting through the halls to make you want to microwave your own bag. I have been known to reheat a leftover for lunch or even bring on of those frozen entrees that have to be heated for like 6 minutes. But when it comes to cooking at home the microwave is out at my house.

I don't buy prepared food that you would normally microwave. And if what i have bought has a microwave option I am the person who is the reason they still include the "conventional oven" instructions. If I am heating a leftover I just stick it in a saucepan. It actually surprised me the day my microwave died how easy I could live without it.

So on Thursday if you feel like turn on your microwave to celebrate I am going to vote you make microwave popcorn. Why? Because that is the only way you will get to enjoy that magical food, no conventional oven instructions for that particular item.