I have learn over the years that it is always a good idea to keep a few things stocked in your cupboard. I know no one says cupboard so let's say cabinets. Head to the shelf in your kitchen right now and tell me if you have a quick meal stored in one of the back corners. It isn't always easy to keep things in stock. After all you buy them to eat them. But I am a true believer in the "back-up dinner" and no it isn't because I am a bad cook.

Haven't you ever gone out of the house in the morning knowing what your were going to have for dinner. If your on a budget or you have a family chances are this is a daily occurrence. The problem is sometimes your day gets in the way. What I mean by that is either you get busy so you end up running late therefore you run out of time to make what you had planned.  Or in the case of me today, you just plain decide you want something different. This is where the back-up dinner comes into play.

I often have days when for what ever reason, I decide that I need what I call comfort food or a melty gooey meal. This is the reason every kitchen should have some sort of back up meal. I have a friend who stores dry goods like she lived through the depression , that is not what I am taking about, I am referring to that meal you decide you need after a long day when all you really want to do is take a nap.

This is why I always keep soup and the makings for grill cheese in my house. Nothing beats a bowl of soup and grill cheese when you get to the end of a crazy day. My original dinner plan tonight was left over slow cooker Tex Mex chicken but for some reason chicken soup with grill cheese won the dinner slot. And because I always have back up soup, some kind of bread and Kraft American cheese slices I was able to readjust the dinner plans.

We have a Nor' Easter on the way for later this week (Dec 16th 2020) you can bet I will find time to fight through the crowds to restock my can of emergency soup. I am down to one can an that is just cutting it to close.

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