Have you been hearing about a coin shortage? Well, this is not a hoax, there is a shortage of coins, not just here in the Hudson Valley, but across the United States.

This is not the first time we have mentioned it to you, but now there is one coin in particular that is becoming rare here in the Hudson Valley. So rare, that local businesses are having trouble getting it when they order their rolled coin. Which coin is allegedly causing the issue? Pennies.

The coin that people either have too many of or not enough of (who has a jar in their house?) is causing a shortage of exact change locally.

The reason for the coin shortage? According to the Fed, the banks restricting their services to drive-thru only (most do not deal with rolled coin at the drive-up) and the Fed itself being closed, which meant they were unable to send rolled coin out to the banks.

Have you been to a business lately that has said to you they can't give you change or is rounding up change for you? Or have you been to a place that has said debit or credit only because of the coin shortage?

Maybe we should all grab the coin jars we have at home (or all the coins under the seat in the car) and try to pay for something with that change?

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