If you missed those rainbow clouds NASA was supposed to plant over the sky last night there's a very good reason.

The rocket launch was canceled.

NASA was supposed to be conducting an experiment over the East Coast last night that would have produced a large, rainbow-colored cloud visible from New York to North Carolina. The rocket is designed to release canisters that spread blue-green and red vapor across the sky, forming artificial clouds. The clouds are supposed to allow scientists to track particle motions in space.

A message on NASA's Facebook page stated that the launch was scrubbed because of cloudy skies.

The good news is that because of thunderstorms over the Hudson Valley, if the launch was successful there would have been very little chance of anyone around here actually getting to witness the clouds anyway.

The next launch attempt will not be until Thursday night. After a weather briefing this afternoon, NASA will announce if Thursday is a go or not.

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