I may have shared this already but it is worth mentioning again, I love a good thunderstorm. When I visit my family in Indiana it always seems that Mother Nature put on a show.

My family has a thunderstorm ritual where we sit on the porch and wait for it to blow in, of course we also keep an earring to the tornado siren. There is nothing like a good mid west thunderstorm to cool off the yard after a stretch of hot days.

What I didn't know was that thunderstorms are good for your garden. This explain why my aunt's flower beds always look so great and her tomatoes can't be beat. Yes, it seems that a conditions that occur with lightening help plants absorb nitrogen.

And before you think I am a smart science nerd I have to give the credit for this knowledge to My Productive Backyard. The lightning actually helps convert the nitrogen in the earth's atmosphere into something plants can absorb.