All my life I have been a lover of trucks. Growing up we never had one. We had jeeps and MG's and they were fun but I always wanted my own truck. For one brief moment in time, I had a Chevy Truck but sadly the boyfriend got it in the breakup.

I am not sure why I never bought another one. It wasn't for lack of trying but somehow I always end up with a car instead. One of these days I will be rolling in my own truck but until then I will have to just enjoy the few times I get to borrow a friend's truck.

Antique Truck Show in Ulster County, New York

PC: Photo by Loren Biser on Unsplash
PC: Photo by Loren Biser on Unsplash

I think one of the reasons I never brought a truck is because I couldn't make up what kind of truck I wanted. I almost bought a Toyota but I really want a Dodge. And now that I am a little older I am thinking I really want a classic truck.

If you like old-school cars you have to love old-school trucks. If you are not sure then let me invite you to attend the Antique Truck Club of America's Truck Show this Sunday (August 14th, 2022) at the Ulster County Fairgrounds in New Paltz, New York. The Truck show will run from 9 AM to 3 PM. Come out to see antique trucks, tractors, and more. All trucks and Tractors are a least 25 years old.

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Bring Your Truck to the Annual Antique Truck Show in New Paltz, NY

You are also welcome to bring your truck or tractor to show. Registration is $10 per truck and dash plaques will be given to the first 75 vehicles. There is a suggested spectator fee of $2.00 kids under 12 are free. For Information contact Jim Bracco at (845) 206-5091. You can also go to the Antique Truck Club of America website.

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