We've all wondered whatever happened to that balloon that slipped out of our hand and floated away when we were young. Did it just keep floating till it got to space? No. However, an unlikely story involving some escaped balloons has left one Kentucky floral shop in shock. And they just might have landed here in the Hudson Valley.

The story begins back on Valentine's Day, when a grandmother ordered a bouquet of balloons for her grandson. The folks at Sunshine Garden, Gift and Floral in Greenville, Kentucky got the balloons ready for delivery, only to lose them as a strong gust of wind carried them out of the back of one of the employee's open car doors.

That's where the nearly one thousand mile journey north begins. 14 News says the balloons reached their final stop around 24 hours later. According to the local Kentucky station, the balloons had somehow landed 90 miles north of New York City, which would probably leave them somewhere in the Hudson Valley or Catskills.

A New York woman named Karen told 14 News that her husband saw the bouquet on their property before he left for work. Attached was a note:

It said love, I’m probably not say this correctly, said Mammaw and Pappaw, I said: has to be from Kentucky!

Neither 14 News or NBC NY have precisely identified what town that balloons landed near in New York, so that leaves us wondering.

By comparison, a car drive from Greenville to 90 miles north of New York City would take around 13 hours.

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