You'd think a person found in the back of a pickup truck with both hands and ankles bound in duct tape was the victim of some sort of crime? Police may have even initially thought so as well. However, upon closer investigation, this particular case was about to take an unexpected turn.

NBC is reporting that a 60 year-old North Tonawanda man told NY state troopers he had been robbed by gunpoint by two men and robbed of $16,000 dollars in cash before being left in the backseat of the Ford F-150. The whole issue stemmed from a bet over a $50,000 Super Bowl pool.

Police say the man even made up names to enter in the squares so he could eventually " and take most of the winnings," according to a police statement. Trooper James O'Callaghan told WKBW:

This guy ran a football pool, a $50,000 payout football pool. [He] came up with a couple different ways where he could make money off of it and eventually fell flat.

One huge tipoff was that the suspect told police the ordeal had lasted three days, however he was clean shaven around his beard, according to O'Callaghan.

Oops. WKBW says he'll be back in Newfane Town Court in March to answer for his little money making scheme.

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