As we are getting to the point in the year where we want to say "Thank You" to people who have helped us all year long, the question becomes, in this a year of a pandemic, where more and more people are losing their jobs and having trouble paying their bills, what do you do? How much do you tip and who?

Well, the correct answer is "It Depends."

So, when a company like BankRate comes out with information or a guideline, you kind of feel like they really know what they are talking about. So who gets a little extra and how much should you give them?

A rule of thumb is always, always at least 15%. In times like these (Covid pandemic times) you should go with the idea of trying to do more. For instance, if there is someone who gives you a service, ie mow's your lawn or cuts your hair, then the guideline is that you should tip them the amount equal to one of their services.

If it is the person who constantly brings you your take out, then double what you normally would give them. Most hourly professions, service professions, rely on their tips to make ends meet. With fewer people to help or 'take care of' this year, their income took a serious hit. Keep this in mind when tipping at the holiday and the rest of the year as well.

What about a tip to the people who pick-up your trash, the UPS person, the FedEx person, anyone who you see on a regular basis, the oil delivery person, who performs a service for you? The correct answer is "Do what you can."

Some workers are not allowed to accept cash tips. Yes, there is always a way around this, but keep in mind if they are turning it down, it's not that they don't appreciate it, it is just that their job does not allow it.

So are their stead fast rules as to how much you should tip? No, there isn't. There is only one, if you can, then do, if you can't, then don't, especially this year. Stay healthy.



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