Have you ever thought what is the most favorite alcoholic beverage for people to consume at Christmas? What is the one beverage that adults, 21 an over look forward to at the holiday?

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3000 people were surveyed with Alcohol.org, and the results might surprise you. When we look at just what people in New York State look forward to the most (alcohol wise) at the holidays, it is Egg Nog. This surprises me, because when taking a poll of "Do you like EggNog or Pass?" More people than not, said that they would pass on the EggNog.

I cannot say pass at all, but more like "pass it over." During the holiday season, I purchase and consume a whole heck of a lot of it, and I do have a friend who makes me a small amount of the special winter treat each November. I do look forward to it, and yes, it does have 'a wee bit' of alcohol in it.

Does it have to have alcohol in it? No, not at all. If you are a fan of the nog, you might also try Egg Nog ice cream or an Egg Nog latte, as I can recommend both of those as well! But what is egg nog? According to Dictionary.com it is 'a drink made from a mixture of beaten eggs, cream, and flavorings, often with alcohol.'

If you do put alcohol in your egg nog, what kind of alcohol are you supposed to use? There is no 100% correct answer to this. Ask yourself what you like most? You will probably find bourbon or dark rum or spiced rum used most often in this holiday beverage, but keep in mind you can always leave the booze out, it is still egg nog and still tasty.

As we get back to the survey from Alcohol.org, what other alcoholic beverages made the list of New York favorites at the holidays? Number two is the Old-Fashioned and three is the Hot Toddy. Where was my other holiday favorite? The Brandy Alexander? Well, sadly that did not show up. However, if you ever try one, you will know that it is like drinking your dessert. They are sweet and tasty.

Cheers to you on your holiday!

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