Yes it's cold but as I always say things could be a lot worse.

If you have been listening to Jess and I this week you have already heard that our studio is FREEZING! We renamed it the "Igloo" because it's been so cold the last few weeks.

After complaining for a while about we both realized that we could have it way worse. So we decided to start a search of the Hudson Valley, to try and find the person who actually has the coldest outdoor job.

Do you or someone you know have to work outside in the cold winter months? What do they do for a living? Let us know a little about the person and the job they do in the comment section below.

Here are some of the worst jobs that we think people can have in the winter months....

1. Mail carrier

2. Construction Worker

3. Tow Truck driver

4. Any delivery person

5. Toll Booth Collector

We will have all of your comments and phone calls on the CJ in the morning show on Friday morning, so make sure you leave a comment below.

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