Living in the Hudson Valley, we're used to seeing all types of wildlife. From deer and rabbits to other more exotic (we're using that lightly) creatures like rattlesnakes and moose, we're used to seeing it all.

However, one Hudson Valley family is perplexed as to what visited their backyard during the middle of the night this week.

Lauren Mirandona shared photos and videos of a unique visitor on her back porch. Mirandona wrote "Had a visitor tonight! Nothing exciting on that porch, just some old stuff I'm getting rid of, so he didn't stay long. He's sooo cute though!" Along with the video below:

Now, I'm no animal expert but that does not look like your run-of-the-mill fox or coyote we usually see. Sure we've had Coywolf (coyote-wolf hybrids) spotted in the Hudson Valley, but this animal seems to be more unique.

attachment-White Fox

Its white coat and fluffy tail have us scratching our heads Could it be an Arctic Fox? Maybe, but they're usually found in much colder the tundra.

Foxes are known to inhabit the Hudson Valley, Scenic Hudson explains:

Both red and gray foxes are found in the Hudson Valley, although gray are less prevalent (and a red fox can actually turn up with different colorations, including gray).

Mirandona shared the photo in the Hudson Valley group on Facebook and several folks in the comment section are saying it's a leucistic fox.

Leucistic Fox is rare and gets its coat from "the result of the partial or total lack of multiple color pigments" as explained on the website 

What do you think the Mirandona family saw in their backyard? Let us know in the comments or send us a text through the mobile app.

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