Forbes named the best colleges in America. A number of local colleges made the list, but which one tops the Hudson Valley?

For the tenth straight year, Forbes released their America’s Top Colleges list. According to Forbes, the goal is to “showcase the colleges and universities that deliver the best return on your education investment dollars.”

The list is mainly a fiscally minded ranking. To come up with their list, Forbes calculated the following metrics:

  • Post-Graduate Success (35%)
  • Debt (20%)
  • Student Experience (20%)
  • Graduation Rate (12.5%)
  • Academic Success (12.5%)

When the numbers were crunched, Harvard was ranked the top college in the United States, followed by Stanford and Yale.

In New York, Columbia is the best, coming in 14th nationally.

The top college in the Hudson Valley, the United States Military Academy, which came in 24th in the nation.

I'm sure anyone affiliated with Army is happy with the ranking, however Navy was ranked four spots higher nationally.

Here is the complete list of Hudson Valley colleges and their national ranking:

  1. United States Military Academy #24
  2. Vassar # 50
  3. Sarah Lawrence College #186
  4. Bard College #191
  5. Marist College #220
  6. SUNY New Paltz #305
  7. Pace University #387
  8. Iona University # 417

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