So are you more Times New Roman? Aldhabi? Calibri? Bookman Old Style?

Yes, you probably have a favorite font that you find yourself using more often than not. You probably don't even think about it, in fact, I am not sure exactly which font you are reading this in.

Full disclosure, it is more than likely Calibri. That is the font that Microsoft (and most sites) changed to in 2007 when they decided to un-seat Times New Roman as the new 'default font.'

Microsoft has decided that they are going to change the default font again. Yes, you can change it to be whatever you want it to be and thus it will be your personal 'Default Font."

But, they want you to weigh in as to which it should be. Here is a glimpse of what each one of the fonts looks like:


I am not sure if it is just me, or if it is my eyes, or what, but I am not seeing a whole heck of a difference between the five. Is there one that I want to pick, solely because of the name? Yes, Bierstadt. Come on, beer town? You would be totally writing your email in Beer Town!

To be honest though, writing an angry email using something with the word Skeena in it, does sound like it would get a response and possibly be more satisfying to write, right?

For more information on the differences between the fonts, and how you can get your vote to Microsoft, click here. 

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