Another day, another social media "challenge" that's causing concern.

If you have teenage kids, you've mostly likely observed them a time or two scrolling through the social media app TikTok! Today it's one of the most popular social platforms, not just for kids but adults as well.

TikTok has played a huge part in a bunch of "challenges" that have gone viral over the courser of the last few months. The most recent challenge was the "milk crate challenge" that had people record themselves trying to walk up and down stacked milk crates. The app actually had to ban the videos after numerous people got injured while trying to one up each other.

The next challenge that looks like it going to be banned soon is something called, the "Devious Lick".

What is the Devious Lick?

According to People, the "Devious Lick" is a trend that shows students from schools all across the country posting videos that show them stealing, damaging things that have been taken form school. One school in Florida, posted about the challenge on Facebook, saying, "Soap dispensers, exit signs, safety signage for fire rescue, and classroom telephones are just a few of the items that were removed and stolen this week." The school went on to tell the community that, "while kids may think this is a harmless prank, it is indeed criminal activity which will lead to serious school consequences and arrests."

Has the Devious Lick Trend Happen at any Hudson Valley High Schools?

Numerous people have informed us, allegedly the trend has happened at a few schools in the area including at Arlington High School located in Dutchess County. One person sent us a message saying that she was told by her daughter, a student at the school, that some students have reportedly stolen soap dispensers, signs and allegedly one student actually stole a men's room urinal from the schools bathroom.

Hudson Valley Schools Warning Parents

With a child in Roy C. Ketchum High School in the Wappingers Central School District I was informed from the school principal via email, that the school is aware of the trend. Principal Dave Seipp wrote, "I want to inform you of a TikTok trend taking place that is affecting schools throughout our local area. This trend is called "Devious Lick". Theft and damaging of school property will lead to suspension or expulsion." Seipp also said, "I am proud to say that this has not occurred here at RCK."

As parents to avoid any issues at our schools in the area, its recommended that each of us have a conversation with our kids and warn them NOT to take part in the trend.

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