Those who don't live in The City Of Poughkeepsie might not know that a lot of home owners have gardens on their property. There's actually quite a lot of beautifully landscaped homes within the city limits.

With gardening comes critters with appetites. We can't honestly blame them for wanting some of the delicious crop you spent all spring cultivating. The war for controlled territory between man and beast dates back to, I don't know...a long time ago.

One City of Poughkeepsie homeowner took the humane approach to this perpetual battle. Using a Havahart cage this young woodchuck was captured. It's obvious from the video he was very nervous but he ate some fruit which was served to him by his captor.

This woodchuck is pretty adorable and part of The Hudson Valley Wildlife community. He was released into the wilderness not too far from where he was found. It seems he quickly found a new home complete with shelter courtesy of a downed tree. Insert Elton John song here.

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