Police are warning Hudson Valley residents after a snake that can kill a human was found in a homeowner’s yard for the second time in weeks.

Ramapo Police say they got a call from a homeowner who saw a rattlesnake outside his home in Ramapo.

The responding officer recognized the snake to be a Timber Rattlesnake. This snake is commonly found in New York and is venomous.

The venom, which is used to kill prey, can kill humans if the bite is left untreated.

If you ever encounter a snake like this the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation recommends you call a Venomous Snake Responder, licensed by New York State, to come and remove the snake if it doesn’t move on its own.

If you are bitten the NYS DEC says to seek immediate medical assistance. Commercial snakebite kits, which suggest making lacerations in the area of the bite and applying suction, are not recommended.

Authorities recommend you show this picture to children so they know to stay away.

Though a snake bite can be fatal, according to Ramapo Police, there are no records of a New York resident dying from a snake bite during the last several decades.
In mid-June a similar snake was also spotted.

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