A video and ruling was released over allegations that a high-ranking Hudson Valley officer assaulted another local officer.

On Wednesday, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office completed an investigation into an incident over allegations that a part-time police officer with the Village of Highland Falls Police Department, who is also a part-time Town of Highlands Police Department detective, was injured during an altercation with a high-ranking Village of Highland Falls Police Department official.

According to the Orange County District of Attorneys’ Office on April 3, 2017, an unmarked police car belonging to the Village of Highland Falls Police Department was parked outside of the Town of Highlands Police Department. The car had been assigned to a part-time Village of Highland Falls police officer, who was also employed as a part-time detective with the Town of Highlands Police Department.

Kenneth Scott, Chief of Police of the Village of Highland Falls, arrived on the scene to retrieve the car. When Chief Scott and another officer attempted to retrieve the vehicle, the part-time officer initially refused to relinquish the vehicle, claiming that he wasn’t told that the vehicle was being reassigned, and then citing the presence in the vehicle of confidential documents.

When Chief Scott attempted to open the passenger door to the police car, the part-time police officer forcible tried to push it closed, this led to brief struggle that ended after the part-time officer forcibly slammed the car door shut.

Later the part-time officer reported that he was injured with the Chief hit him with the door and claimed he wasn’t working because of the injuries he sustained in the altercation.

Surveillance video, given to Hudson Valley Post by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, shows that after the part-time officer slammed the door, he walked to the other side of the car and threw away a cigarette, before retrieving items from the car and changing the license plates on the car.

After reviewing the recording and interviewing all known witnesses to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office determined that Chief Scott committed no criminal conduct and that the Village Police Department clearly had the right to retrieve their own vehicle.

A review of the video also showed that Chief Scott didn’t purposely hit the part-time officer with the door and that there is indication that the part-time officer was in any immediate pain or distress after the incident, officials say.

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