What's the first thing that you think when reflecting back on your college days? Some people admit that some of their fondest days consisted of their time spent at college.

I have heard a lot of interesting college stories from all age groups. College memories are special, I will remember the entire experience over the years, the parties I attended, the friends I met and most importantly, the professors who helped shape my education and views.

Everyone has that one special professor or teacher that they will always remember. Whether it was someone who challenged you to be a better person or one who influenced your life in a way that you didn't imagine, it's a memory worth treasuring.

Without a doubt, college years taught all of us a thing or two and some of us have the pleasure of revisiting where we graduated from.

An Upstate New York College Made The Announcement That They Are Permanently Closing


Staff, residents, graduates, locals and more were shocked when they heard the news and saw the announcement. Not only was this announcement all over social media but it also came from the college itself.

What if students were looking forward to attending after high school?

Cazenovia College Is Permanently Closing


According to Cazenovia College, 

"The College is working toward closure prior to the start of the Fall 2023 semester. The College will complete the Fall 2022 semester as scheduled and will be fully operational in the spring holding classes and events, including athletics and other normally scheduled activities. During the Spring 2023 semester the College will also assist students with their plans for transferring for Fall 2023."


Why Is Cazenovia College Permanently Closing?

According to Cazenovia College, 

"Due to financial concerns, Cazenovia College will not be enrolling students for the 2023-2024 academic year."


How Is This Any Different From What They Experienced In This Past?

It's also explained as,

"Cazenovia College has survived through many difficult and challenging times – the Great Depression, World War II, a major campus fire in 1959, and more, but the current financial challenges are more than the College can overcome."

Cazenovia College also explains how this hard decision came into play with "the global pandemic and skyrocketing inflation". It was hard for small, private colleges to even maintain the level of enrollment.

Cazenovia College included that,

"Additionally, the coronavirus pandemic dramatically impacted recruitment and fundraising efforts while increasing economic burdens for the College. Large investments were made in technology and campus safety measures while enrollment dropped with students choosing to postpone college or take a leave of absence, which negatively impacted the College’s financial situation."

The final result of making the difficult decision to close this college was also related to

" he recent uncertainty in the bond and stock markets made it exceedingly difficult to refinance the bond debt which came due in September. "


When Will Cazenovia College Permanently Close?


Cazenovia College stated that they will permanently close after the spring semester.

However, some people are wondering if there was any way that this could have been prevented.

Cazenovia College stated that,

"the college worked tirelessly to strengthen its financial position, unfortunately, these efforts did not create results to ensure long-term viability."

The announcement was also made on social media and people expressed their feelings.

According To Cazenovia College's Facebook Page, People Shared Their Feelings On This Matter

"Class of 79 here. This really makes me sad. I attended when Caz was a two year women's college. I got a good education that helped me through my life."


"This is so heartbreaking 😢. I had a great 2 years when I attended Caz…class of 1988💙💛"


"Wonderful memories of my two years there and graduation in 1981...one of the last years it was all women. Made lifelong friends...very sad about this turn of events. Hoping something good arises for the campus in the future."


"Best two years. Thank you Cazenovia College for an amazing experience and great education. This is devastating news. Class of 1964."


According to the U.S. News, Cazenovia College was nominated as Best College, 19 years in a row.

Do you have a college experience that you want to share? Where did you attend? Share with us below.

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