Just like in ancient Egypt, cats have graced us with their presence and taken over the town and villages they settled in, appealing to all generations. Shocker: not much has changed since then!

By the way, The Catskills and Catskill are two different things. The Village of Catskill is located along the Hudson River in Greene County.

I visited Catskill a few years back on one of my many adventures exploring the beautiful, Hudson Valley. It was obvious from my visit that Catskill had the name cat in it for reason! Just imagine, a street filled with over 50 unique, cat statues on display. As soon as my family said cats, I was in!

Who would have thought that cats in Catskill would turn out to be the "puuurfect” idea. 2019 marks the thirteenth year that these colorful cats’ statues are on public art display.

Catskill is known for its main street filled with felines, they’re not purring and walking around though. These fascinating felines that have been created by local artists. From May to September you can check out these astonishing pieces of art.

The statues are made up of fiberglass and are on display mostly on Main Street. This wouldn’t have been possible without the foundation, Cat’n Around Catskill. This feline art celebration helps to bring individuals from all over into the community. People travel to see these amazing, cat statues as well as to visit the local businesses. The community is thankful for all that these statues have brought.

Be sure to visit the one of a kind cats on display and then check out all that Catskill has to offer!

They have upcoming events, including:

Cat-N-Around Catskill Cat’s Meow Auction and Gala

On Saturday, September 21, 2019

Only $25.00 per person

Located :

Historic Catskill Point

1 Main Street Catskill, NY 12414

During the 4:00 hour there will be the Viewing & Hors d’oeuvres. At 5pm the Live Auction takes places of the feline statues.

Head on over to the Cat-N-Around Catskill website for addition information about this event. I’ve also included their brochures to check out as well.

The coolest part about these cat inspired art pieces is that they can be purchased at the auction and possibly end up in different parts of the US. A little piece of Catskill can be taken with the buyer.

As always, cats have helped to raise hundreds to thousands of dollars to help out communities and causes. If cats aren’t your thing, check out these communities in the Hudson Valley that use handmade works of art to raise funds.

Interestingly enough, Kingston has peacock statues and Saugerties has sailboats. Woodstock has pretty neat guitar statues on display along with Cairo, where you can find painted bears. Port Ewen has a Tugboat Trail within the community.

Drop a comment below and let us know what you think about these unique, cat statues and will this be on your next day trip in the Hudson Valley!?

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