Instead of October 31st, it would be on the last Saturday of October.

At first I thought this idea was a ridiculous one. I mean its been this way forever, right? You can't possibly move Halloween. Well according to News 10, some people are pushing really hard this year to make the change happen.

A petition to move every kids favorite day from the 31st of October to the last Saturday of the month has gone viral with an amazing 125,000 plus signatures as of Thursday. People that have signed the petition have said that Halloween being on a Saturday will make it more enjoyable for kids with not having school or anything the next day. Which means more time for parties and trick or treating.

Even after seeing both sides of the argument, I still can't see moving it, that is until I read that my favorite candy bar has stepped in to make this really interesting. Snickers says it will give away one million Snickers bars but only if the date of Halloween is changed. That's it, I have now changed my position, I am all in on changing it as long as I get some free candy bars. LOL!

Snickers’ brand director Josh Olken told WTEN that, “Snickers is all in on celebration Halloween to the fullest. If the federal government makes this thing official, we’re offering up to one million free Snickers to America. No tricks, only treats.”

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